Orientation Team

Each spring, the Dean of Students Office selects approximately 100 students to serve as a part of the Orientation Team for the following fall from a pool of almost 200 students. These students help with events throughout orientation, including moving new student belongings into residence halls. If you have any questions during orientation, please do not hesitate to ask an Orientation Team member (OT).

Join the Orientation Team

Below, you will find information about Orientation Team involvement opportunities, the timeline for the application process as well as the link to get started on your application. We hope you will apply and look forward to seeing you in August!


OT Leaders are upperclass students, who support the Dean of Students office in final orientation preparations and oversee the OTs throughout orientation. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with checking-in OTs during OT move-in
  • Facilitating the August OT meeting and helping OTs understand their assignments throughout orientation
  • Serving as building captains on move-in days and helping team members understand their roles and responsibilities during this time
  • Emceeing portions of the parent and student programs
  • Being available as resources to parents, new students and OTs throughout orientation

If you are interested in being an OT Leader, you must have previously been an OT and must not have any additional commitments to other programs (i.e. Stride, Health Advisors, Union Board, Residence Life) during orientation. In addition to the application process, OT Leaders, if selected to move forward in the process, will be asked to participate in a short interview with at least one member of the Dean of Students staff and previous OT Leaders.


OTs are the heart of the orientation process and what really make the programs and services that we offer to new students and their parents possible. OTs will be asked to assist with a wide range of responsibilities during orientation including but not limited to:

  • Assisting new students and parents with carrying their belongings and answering questions during move-in
  • Welcoming and ushering new students and parents during orientation lunches and convocations
  • Offering help and directions to new students and parents as they find their way to the various sessions
  • Rallying the incoming class and preparing them to take their class photo
  • Working with professors to make sure classrooms and labs are prepped prior to the start of classes


  • Monday, March 10 - OT Application Available
  • Sunday, March 23 - OT Application Due at Midnight
  • Wednesday, March 26 - April 1 - OT Leader Interviews
  • Friday, April 4 - OT Leaders and OTs Notified
  • Tuesday, April 15- OT First Meeting (Required for all OT Leaders and OTs)
  • Sunday, Aug. 17 - OT Leaders Move-In
  • Tuesday, Aug. 19 - OTs Move-In/August OT Meeting

Apply to be an OT member.

If you have additional questions regarding the OT responsibilities or application, please contact Michelle Navas or Diana Miller. We're happy to help in any way we can!