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Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows


The Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows Program provides an opportunity for 10 students who desire careers in international affairs to have a substantive one-year working experience in Washington, D.C. at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Carnegie junior fellows work as research assistants to the endowment's senior associates. Those who have begun graduate studies are not eligible for consideration.

The Scholarships

A gross salary of $3,000.00 per month ($36,000 per year). A full benefits package is also provided.

The Application

Application forms, procedures and information are available through the Fellowships & Scholarships Office. Due to the nominations process and varying on-campus application procedures, the Carnegie Endowment is unable to send applications directly to students.

Who Should Apply

Applicants must be graduating seniors or students who have graduated during the last academic year. Students who have started graduate studies are ineligible for consideration. The Carnegie Endowment accepts applications only through participating universities (Davidson) via designated nominating officials. If you graduated during the previous academic year and have not started graduate studies, you may apply through the university from which you graduated.

Campus Procedure

Applicants should speak with Fellowships & Scholarships staff early in the fall of senior year to get the application materials (usually available around Oct.1). Applications are due mid-November. The Graduate Fellowships Committee selects the college's two nominees from among the applicants.


Two, plus the institutional nomination letter.

Application Deadline

Campus deadline is Friday before Thanksgiving at noon.


On campus if needed; yes by the Carnegie Endowment if a finalist, these interviews are in February and March.

For more information

Contact director Ted Ogaldez. Also visit the Carnegie Endowment website.