Fact File

The Davidson College Fact File contains the most frequently requested comprehensive and historic information about the college, and serves as a reference for campus offices and staff.

In collecting and reporting numbers for the annual Davidson College Fact File, two criteria were followed:

  • Consistency in measurement, enabling us to compare over time
  • Consistency in definition, enabling us to compare across institutions

Obtaining a Copy of the Fact File

To obtain a copy of the most recent Davidson College Fact File, you can:

Archived Fact Files (PDF Format)

Fact File 2015-16 
Fact File 2014-15
Fact File 2013-14

Fact File 2012-13
Fact File 2011-12
Fact File 2010-11
Fact File 2009-10
Fact File 2008-09

For more information, please contact the Office of Planning and Institutional Research at institutionalresearch@davidson.edu.