Connecting to DavidsonSecure Wireless Network

Davidson College students, faculty, and staff use the DavidsonSecure or DavidsonDevice wireless networks to access the campus wireless networks.

DavidsonSecure is an encrypted network primarily designed for computers and other devices with advanced wireless capabilities, while DavidsonDevice is intended for entertainment and productivity devices.

Students can configure their personal computers for DavidsonSecure by connecting to the DavidsonSetup wireless network. Once connected, open a web browser and follow the presented instructions.


Students can also connect to the network from.




Employees can configure their devices from the choices  below.



Campus Guests

Guests to campus use the DavidsonGuest network, which is not encrypted. Guests may self-register for internet usage. If you have any questions about guest access please contact the Help Desk at 704-894-2900, option 5.