Configuring Your iOS Device for Email & Wireless Networking

Configuring Your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for Davidson's E-mail and Wireless Networking (Software v2.02 and higher)

Note: These instructions are for users of iPhone/iPad/iPod touch software version 2.02 and higher, and assume that you have already activated your device with your service provider, and can access the Internet through your Data Plan. While versions as far back as 2.02 are supported, upgrading to version 5.0 or later is highly recommended!

Update Your Firmware

Before beginning, please connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to your computer, launch iTunes and check for updated software. You should be running at least version 2.02 -- anything prior to that version should be updated before installing the profiles below. (For a fuller explanation of the update procedure, please consult Apple's support documentation.)

Back Up Any Local Contacts or Calendar Data

The procedure you are about to perform may overwrite any contact or calendar information store on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. If you have created contacts or calendar appointments locally on the iPad, iPod or iPhone, you should ensure that this data is synced to your Mac or PC and transferred to either Outlook or Entourage. For example, Mac users should sync their iPhone/iPad/iPod to their Mac, open Address Book, export their contacts, then import them into Entourage. From there, the contact info will be synchronized with the Exchange server, and pushed back to the iPhone/iPad/iPod after the profile is installed. In short, all mail, contact and calendar information should come through the Davidson Exchange server after this profile is installed -- other data sources will no longer be recognized.

Install the Davidson iOS Profile

  1. Once your firmware is up to date, disconnect your iPhone/iPad/iPod from your computer.
  2. Touch the Home button, and launch Mobile Safari on the iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  3. Faculty and staff users, please enter the following URL in Mobile Safari (or open this instruction page in Mobile Safari and click the link): 
  4. To access the secured site, enter your College username in the form "davidson\username" and your College password. (The \ character can be accessed by tapping the ".?123" button on the iPhone/iPad/iPod keyboard, then tapping the "#=+" button. ) The faculty/staff iPhone/iPad/iPod profile will automatically open.
  5. When the profile opens, tap Install. You will be warned that the profile cannot be verified -- this is normal. Tap Install Now.
  6. When queried, enter your email address in the form, the tap Next.
  7. Enter your College username in the form "davidson\username",  and tap Next.
  8. Enter your College password, and tap Next. There will be a pause as the system adds your e-mail account. The next steps will configure network access.
  9. When asked to enter a username for DavidsonSecure, enter your College username in the form "davidson\username" and click Next.
  10. When asked to provide a password for DavidsonSecure, enter your College password and click Next.
  11. When the Profile Installed screen appears, click Done.
  12. An account called Davidson E-mail should now appear in your mail Accounts list, and opening the Calendar or Contacts applications should display your Exchange information.
  13. On accessing DavidsonSecure, you may be asked to accept an unverified security certificate for "huey." This is normal. Tap Accept, and your connection should proceed normally.

If at any time you wish to remove the Davidson profile:

  1. Open your iPhone/iPad/iPod and move to the Home screen.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Select General.
  4. Tap Remove.
  5. Confirm that you want to remove the Davidson profile.

All mail, network and other settings created by the Davidson profile will be removed from your device. Your data will remain intact on the Exchange server.