iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch FAQ

  1. Does Davidson College support Apple's iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch on its network?
    Yes. We allow the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to connect to our wireless networks. 

  2. How do I connect?
    See our Getting Started page.

  3. Where will I have access?
    Our configuration allows you to roam seamlessly between Davidson's Wi-Fi network, which now covers the entire campus--indoors and out, AT&T's EDGE or 3G networks (iPhone and 3G models of iPad only), and other Wi-Fi hotspots that you choose to affiliate with. What this should mean to you is that if you're in a residence hall, one of the college's academic or office buildings, or outdoors you should have Wi-Fi access on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Other places, you should have access via AT&T's EDGE or 3G networks on your iPhone or iPad 3G.

  4. How can I use Davidson wireless on my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch?
    These devices need to have their Wi-Fi addresses registered before they can be used on our network. Registration is easy.

  5. I'm a College employee and I really want one of these phones. How will I know if it's right for me?
    Please contact the Help Desk and request a consultation. 

  6. Can I use my iPhone internationally?
    Yes. The iPhone supports GSM networks, the most widely deployed type of mobile phone network. See our separate knowledgebase article that covers International Roaming.

  7. I subscribe to the college's unified messaging system. Will I be able to play the voice mail files that come to my mailbox on my iPhone?
    Yes, provided you are using the iPhone software version 2.0 or greater.

  8. Can ITS assist me with document viewing/editing, music sync, photos or other iPhone/iPad/iPod issues?
    No. At this time, ITS' support is strictly limited to connecting your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to our wireless networks and mail servers.