Expectations of Students

July Experience is designed for mature, responsible rising high school juniors and seniors capable of self-discipline. It is not designed to rehabilitate a student who has had high school adjustment problems.

July Experience students take full responsibility for upholding the Davidson College Honor Code, which is simply stated:

"Every student shall be honor bound to refrain from cheating (including plagiarism), stealing, lying about official college business, and to report immediately all violations of the Honor Code which come under his or her observation; failure to do so shall be a violation of the Honor Code. Every student found guilty of a violation shall ordinarily be dismissed from the college/program."

No student may leave campus without the permission of parents and the program director. Visitation by parents and friends is discouraged. Inter-dorm visitation, pets, or cars will not be permitted.

Alcohol or drug use will not be tolerated. Any student found with alcohol or illegal drugs in his/her possession or any student who uses these substances will be expelled from the program. Smoking is prohibited on the Davidson College campus for July Experience participants.

Any damage to college property will be paid for by the student responsible. If it is impossible to determine the individual at fault, the group involved will be assessed damages.

These rules will be enforced. Violations will be dealt with on campus by the program director and/or Dean of Students Office with notification of parents.