Testimonials from Previous Participants

"July Experience is truly a journey. You will be pushed to all sorts of limits, face challenges outside your comfort zone... you will learn and grow each day through unparalleled interest and passion, both as a person and as a student."
Miriam - 2013

"July Experience was one of the best times that I've ever had. Not only was the social life great, I was also challenged in classes that broadened my worldview and tested my work ethics."
Karis - 2013

"At July Experience not only did I have the opportunity to work with incredible and dedicated Davidson professors, but I also got to meet some of the most impressive high schoolers I have ever met."
Alice - 2013

"In three weeks you are brought together with other students from around the globe. Through a strong sense of camaraderie you build lasting friendships and discover more about yourself in the process. July Experience truly is life a life changing experience."
Kaela - 2013

"July Experience gave me a better understanding of the academic work life balance that you must achieve to be a successful college student."
Charlie - 2013