Previous Participants' Testimonials

"July Experience is a place where you not only build a strong foundation in education but you also build a strong foundation for a family, a home. You will meet gifted students from all walks of life, from all across the globe, and you will learn that you are not all so different from them. July Experience is not merely a single moment in your life; instead, it is a lasting memory that you will always be able to use in your life."
Wade - 2016 

"July Experience was instrumental in making me feel more confident about my abilities, and I met incredible people who taught me to think more critically."
Sophia - 2016

"I was thinking that I couldn't stand studying a lot during summer, but July Experience besides being a challenging academic summer experience was also a very enjoyable one."
Dimitris - 2016

"JE gave me the opportunity to gain independence, make friends from around the world, and learn about subjects that interested me with delivering the ultimate Davidson Experience." 
Adelle- 2016

"An unforgettable experience that taught me how to smile through painful readings as well as how to study hard, play hard." 
Yuting (Christina)- 2016