Testimonials from Previous Participants

"My July Experience showed me that I love Davidson not only for its incredible campus, but for its even more welcoming environment. A lot of colleges have a student body that competes among students, but Davidson is the complete opposite. While having a personal drive, each student wants the one next to them to succeed, creating an encouraging and genuinely kind place. Students work hard together, struggle together, celebrate together and rest together."
Joanne - 2015 

"July Experience has changed my perception about the world where I met so many intelligent individuals who share the same mission as me–to improve the world."
Uyen - 2015

"Believe me, JE is much more than just being a great summer program to take college level courses and build up college applications (JE did offer a lot of application aid too!), it is a great opportunity for us to meet friends from all over the country and even over the world, meet great professors, and Davidson students. Three weeks were just too fast, and we all miss Davidson!"
Elena - 2015

"Through July Experience, I discovered my interests and hidden talents through very abstract projects. For example, I found out I'm fairly good at video game designing. I learned to better manage my time and proper study methods. Most importantly, I discovered the factors that are important in my college search. Because of the program, Davidson became my top choice." 
Maribel - 2015