2015 Partners & Placements

Allenbrook Elementary School

As a strategic planning - talents and contribution intern, the scholar will work with the leadership team of Allenbrook Elementary to develop plans for the 2015-2016 school year, specifically focusing on "Talents and Contributions" programming and collaboration with community organizations.  The student will also shadow the principal at Project LIFT meetings and other community events.
Scholar: Morgan Mercer '18; Supervisor: Katharine Bonasera, Principal

Arts & Science Council

The student will coordinate special projects for Out-of-School-Time (OST) programming, including arts-based and digital media literacy programs. The student will research best practices in arts-based and OST programming and generate recommendations for improvement. Additionally, the student will assist in the design and delivery a multi-aged digital and media literacy course.
Scholar: Caitie Connor '17; Supervisor: Dr. Barbara Ann Temple, VP of Education

Billingsville Elementary

The scholar will work on a number of projects that will shape the 2015-2016 school year at Billingsville. Their responsibilities will include data tracking, curriculum development, event and field trip planning, small group instruction, and scheduling. The student will also support the assistant principal in many of her leadership responsibilities.
Scholar: Jonathan Swann '18; Supervisor: Shanna Rae, Assistant Principal

Charlotte Lab School

The scholar will work with the Charlotte Lab School as they spend their last few months preparing to open a brand new charter school. The scholar will assist with the curriculum design process, meet with middle and high school educators to determine "graduation requirements" for Charlotte Lab Schools students, determine a continuum of standards across all subjects, and create the school's web-based platform that will track students' learning standards.
Scholar: Will Hughes '17; Supervisor: Dr. Mary Moss Brown, Head of Schools

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools - Office of the Superintendent

As the core values / culture of care initiative intern, the scholar will have the opportunity to execute on a major district initiative regarding the development of district core values and a yearlong plan for a culture of care. The student will participate on a culture of care micro team and help development an implementation plan for rollout of the district core values.  The scholar will also have extensive opportunities to shadow the superintendent, attend cabinet and executive staff meetings, and learn about system-level educational management.
Scholar: Alejandra Rodriguez '17; Supervisor: Ann B. Clark, Superintendent

Levine Museum of the New South

As education intern, the student will support the museum in designing and delivering educational programming and outreach initiatives. The student will support the museum's History ACTIVE two-phase program with high school students exploring the exhibit, NUEVOlution! Latinos and the New South. The intern will also design a fall Community Day and two of the museum's summer family opportunities.
Scholar: Marlene Arellano '17; Supervisor: Kamille Bostick, VP of Education 

Project L.I.F.T

The student will support the evaluation of community partners and the execution of community engagement activities for the Project LIFT Learning Community, especially back to school awareness activities. The scholar will collect data from partners and work to understand how data can inform decisions. The student will attend monthly meetings with each partner organization, school principals, and with LIFT leadership to gain perspective on the work and decision making process.
Scholar: Jonathan Sheperd-Smith '18; Supervisor: Douglas Jones, Executive Director, Strategic Planning and Evaluation

Project Scientist

Project Scientist celebrates the contributions female scientists and aspiring scientists make to the field of STEM through their Superstar program. As the Superstar Management and Engagement Lead, the scholar will administer Superstar relationships, facilitate the interaction with the Superstars and work collaboratively with Academy teachers and staff to seamlessly integrate the Superstars into the curriculum.
Scholar: Elizabeth Prosser '18; Supervisor: Betrice Cooke, Program Manager

Teach For America

The scholar will be exposed to Teach For America's work to ensure educational equity through multiple perspectives and will focus on projects that require collaboration and communication across teams. The scholar will create and implement efficient operating systems, project plans and communication plans that will benefit multiple constituents - staff members, teachers, alumni, community partners.
Scholar: Arsalaan Hashmi '17; Supervisor: Julie Fowler: Manager, Strategy, Talent and Operations

UNC Charlotte Urban Institute

As a research assistant, the student will work with the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute research team and support their efforts in data collection, evaluation reporting, development of policy documents, and community outreach. Among other education-related projects, the student will create data stories using a community database that will be published through the UNCC Urban Institute newsletter.
Scholar: Yijiao Chen '17; Supervisor: Dr. Amy Hawn Nelson, Director of Research and Director of the Institute for Social Capital