Resources for Faculty

The center provides resources to faculty members who wish to integrate community-based learning into their curriculum, as well as those who wish to make connections with their service work outside the scope of an academic course. It also has information about opportunities for publishing, professional development, and teaching recognitions.

Course Development

With thoughtful course development, your students will learn about social issues and the value of community involvement while practicing skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, working with others, and planning and implementation.

Community-Based Learning Institute

The summer Community-Based Learning Institute is a multi-day professional development opportunity for faculty that focuses on experiential learning pedagogy and offers support for faculty members as they develop community-based curricula.

Publishing, Professional Development, and Recognition

There are a number of professional conferences and publishing outlets that focus on community-based learning, civic engagement, social responsibilities, or experiential pedagogies.

Community-Based Learning Courses

Each semester a number of faculty members teach courses with research or projects based in the community. Many are offered each year so review the list so you can keep these in mind as you map your course schedule!