• Martin Court B

  • Jamieson Apartment in Martin Court.

  • Hart Apartment in Martin Court.

Martin Court Lottery

Martin Court Apartment Complex is a residential area for junior and senior students comprised of seven buildings with four- and five-person apartments housing up to 394 students. The complex provides students with a "transitional living" experience by creating procedures and living standards similar to what they will encounter after leaving Davidson. Residents are still students and must adhere to all college policies as outlined in Residence Life Policies and Procedures (PDF).

The complex is comprised of the buildings listed below. Visit their pages for information on floor plans and amenities.

  • Armfield
  • Davis
  • Flowe
  • Hart
  • Jamieson
  • Martin Court B
  • Ryburn

Step 1 - Paper Application (In Person)

Students apply to live in Martin Court Apartments by both submitting a paper application and registering the group through an online system. The paper application can be downloaded below and must include the full names of each student wishing to live in the apartment.

Step 2 - Roommate Matching (Online)

Prior to or immediately after submitting the paper application to the Residence Life Office, each group must go online and select one another as roommates in MyHousing. Instructions for roommate matching (PDF) can be found here or picked up in the Residence Life Office.

Step 3 - Notification (Online)

After all roommates have been "matched" on MyHousing, lottery numbers are averaged and each group who qualifies for an apartment will be assigned an online selection time according to their group's lottery number. Students will be notified by Monday, Feb. 23 (five-person apartments) or Friday, March 6 (four-person apartments) whether they have qualified for an apartment.

Step 4 - Apartment Selection (Online)

Students notified will be provided instructions to complete the online apartment selection process. Online selection will take place online on Tuesday, March 10 beginning at 6 p.m. for both four-person and five-person apartments.