Lottery Number & Selection Schedule

The Residence Life Office uses a lottery number system to determine the order that students get to choose their assignment. The lottery process is based on seniority, meaning rising seniors are the first to select housing each year. Lottery numbers are assigned to each student. Groups of students use an average of their lottery numbers.

Starting in spring 2014, lottery numbers are no longer shared with students. Each process (e.g., Martin Court four-person apartment, double room selection) requires an application with the names of any roommates, suitemates, apartmentmates or group that is clustering. Applications are processed by the Residence Life Office and groups are put in order by lottery number average. Groups are notified with either a time to make a selection (e.g., 7:15 p.m.) or the order they will be selecting in (e.g., 5th group to choose), depending on the process.

This change was made because lottery number was the focus behind many conversations about future housing options. This change encourages students to focus on who they want to live with and where they want to live instead.