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2017 Odyssey Programs

We offer three Odyssey programs: Backcountry, Basecamp, and Service Odyssey, and financial aid is available to students who qualify.

Backcountry and BasecampBackcountry Odyssey

The Backcountry Odyssey includes backpacking, canoeing, mountain biking, climbing and service. Upperclass trip leaders teach basic skills to you and your new classmates–your "crew"–as you work together to build relationships and share significant and challenging experiences.

The Basecamp Odyssey is less physically demanding than Backcountry while still offering plenty of adventures and activities with your classmates, such as day hikes, games, raft trips and group initiatives. Participants return to their tents in the same campground each night with access to bathroom and shower facilities.


Service OdysseyThe Service Odyssey is an immersive service experience that reflects and enriches Davidson's commitment to develop the spirit of service within each student. The program is designed to build relationships among participants, increase social awareness and challenge individuals to work constructively within a group.