Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of the Office of the President and the Senate Executive Committee which includes the vice president, chancellor, treasurer, director of public relations, and the vice presidents of each class. The Executive Board meets weekly to determine the agenda of the upcoming Senate meeting and to counsel the SGA president in the fulfillment of his or her duties.

Chris Ragsdale

Christopher Ragsdale
Class of 2014
Environmental Studies Major, Medical Humanities Concentration
The president serves as the liaison between the student body and campus staff, trustees, and the president. He/she is also responsible for managing daily administration of the SGA and for developing programs and policies that promote the betterment of the student body. 
Nick McGuire
Vice President

Nick McGuire
Class of 2014
Media Studies and Political Science Major
The Vice President oversees the nine student government committees that create policies and programs for various aspects of campus life. He/she also assists the SGA President in responsibilities regarding interaction between the Administration, Faculty, and the Student Body. 
Genevieve Becker

Genevieve Becker
Class of 2016
Intended Gender Studies, Hispanic Studies Double Major
The SGA Chancellor is the chief administrative agent and parliamentarian of the SGA. He or she prepares and distributes the Senate's agenda, minutes, attendance record, and all written legislation to be considered during meetings.
Zoe Williams

Zoe Williams
Class of 2014
Economics Major
The Treasurer is responsible for managing the SGA financing and for preparing the annual budget. He or she also serves on the Activities Tax Council, the Audit and Finance Trustee Committee, and as the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee. The Treasurer maintains all financial records, balances the budget, oversees all financial transactions (including reimbursements), prepares financial reports for the Senate, and acts as a liaison between the SGA and the ATC.
Megan Falvey
Director of Public Relations

Megan Falvey
Class of 2014
English Major, French Minor
The Director of Public Relations manages all publicity for the SGA. His/her responsibilities include managing the website and social media, writing press releases, maintaining positive communication with student organizations, the College, and the Town of Davidson, and promoting SGA initiatives and programs in the College community.
Antonio Rodriguez
Senior Class President

Antonio Rodriguez
Class of 2014
Political Science, Latin Studies Double Major
Sam Littlejohn
Junior Class President

Sam Littlejohn
Class of 2015
Chemistry Major, Pre-Med Track
Chair of Charters & Bylaws Committee
Zi Yang
Sophomore Class President

Zi Yang
Class of 2016
Intended Economics Major
Nate Harding Freshman Class President
Nate Harding
Class of 2017

Support Staff

Director of Multicultural Affairs
Krista Catafago
Sociology Major
The director of Multicultural Affairs leads a team of diversity coordinating senators to create programs and initiatives centered on increasing inclusivity and multiculturalism on campus.

Assistant Director of Public Relations
Ella Strauss
The assistant director of public relations assists the director of public relations in the completion of his or her tasks. These include social media management, website content creation, internal and external communication, and SGA publicity.

Senate Court Chair
Cyrus Saffari
The Senate Court chair leads the Senate Court, which is in place to ensure that those serving on the SGA follow all rules and bylaws. If an SGA member is accused of a violation and wishes to appeal the Elections Council's decision, the Senate Court decides whether to uphold or overturn the decision.

Supervisor of Elections
Blair Ford
The supervisor of elections administers all SGA elections.

Activities Tax Council Chair
Lionel Adabayeri
The ATC chair is responsible for apportioning and allocating the Student Activities fee to all chartered student organizations on campus.

Assistant Supervisor of Elections
Sam Riehl
Price Anderson