Friends of the Arts

p: 704-894-2101


Mailing Address

Box 7176
Davidson, NC 28035

Shipping Address

209 Ridge Road
Davidson, NC 28035



Sherry Malushizky, Director
Kristen Tuttle, Associate Director for Special Projects, Operations, Technology, and Communications

Advisory Board

Molly Shaw '02, Chair
Kim Beard, Vice Chair
Carolyn Mints, Secretary

Class of 2014
Bob Flemma '83
Carolyn Mints, Secretary
Randy Phillips '69
Joanne Ratchford
Peter Schild
David Tang
Judy Wright
Maggie Birgel '14
Sara Nordstrand '14
Tatum Pottenger '14
Class of 2015
Rubie Britt-Height
Jay Butler, Vice Chair
Drew Crawford '01
Dione Goyette
Ginny Newell '78
Molly Shaw '02, Past Chair
Barbara Ann Temple
Ian Thomson '15
Class of 2016
Kim Beard, Chair
Kathy Bragg
Suzanne Churchill
Marc Gustafson
Donna Johnson
Andi Stevenson
Sue Walser

Interns and Advisory Board Student Representatives

Maggie Birgel '14
Sara Nordstrand '14
Tatum Pottenger '14
Ian Thomson '15

Ex Officio Members

Mauro Botelho, Associate Professor and Chair of the Music Department
Sharon Green, Associate Professor and Chair of Theatre Department
Eileen Keeley, Vice President of College Relations
Sherry Malushizky, Director of Friends of the Arts and Artist Residency Programs
Shaw Smith, Professor of Art History and Chair of the Art Department

For more information on Friends of the Arts and the benefits of membership, please contact Sherry Malushizky, director, at 704-894-2101.