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Lecture by Dr. Shannon Bell on Environmental Justice and Coal Mining

Dr. Shannon Elizabeth Bell will give a talk, "Fighting King Coal: The Challenges of Micromobilization in Central Appalachia," discussing why so few people suffering from environmental hazards and pollution participate in environmental justice movements through her case study of the Central Appalachian coal-mining region. She investigates the challenges of micromobilization through in-depth interviews, participant observation, and an eight-month “Photovoice” project—an innovative means of studying, in real time, the social dynamics affecting activist involvement in the region. Her research reveals the importance of local identities to the success or failure of local recruitment efforts in social movement struggles, ultimately arguing that, if the local identities of environmental justice movements are lost, the movements may also lose their power.


Chambers Hance Auditorium (CHAM-4121)

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Kojola, Erik D