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New York Times: Prof. Ken Menkhaus ‘In Somalia, U.S. Escalates a Shadow War’

Ken Menkhaus
Ken Menkhaus

Professor and Chair of Political Science Ken Menkhaus comments on the U.S. presence in Somalia, which has intensified in the past year to combat Islamist militants in the Horn of Africa.

The New York Times writes:

Some experts point out that with the administration's expanded self-defense justification for airstrikes, a greater American presence in Somalia would inevitably lead to an escalation of the air campaign.

"It is clear that U.S. on-the-ground support to Somali security forces and African Union peacekeepers has been stepped up this year," said Ken Menkhaus, a Somalia expert at Davidson College. "That increases the likelihood that U.S. advisers will periodically be in positions where Al Shabab is about to launch an attack."

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