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The New York Times Features Davidson's New Partnership with the College Board and edX

Pat Selllers
(l-r) Pat Sellers, Professor of Political Science and Associate Dean for Curriculum, with Bryan Setser, president of 2Revolutions. Sellers is helping spearhead the AP collaboration project for Davidson, and 2Revolutions is consulting on the project.

Davidson College, edX and the College Board announced today a new collaboration to provide Advanced Placement (AP) teachers and their students with access to a suite of online instructional modules to improve educational outcomes in calculus, physics and macroeconomics. National data show that many students struggle to complete such independent, college-level coursework. This new, blended learning model will use exam data to pinpoint challenging concepts in the three disciplines, and then develop and present concept-based resources using the edX platform for teachers and students.

The New York Times featured the new partnership in the Education section of the paper. Read the article.

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