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Change Magazine: Iraqi Refugee Anmar Jerjees '18 Shares His Story

Anmar Jerjees '18Anmar Jerjees '18 begins his story with the day the United Sates invaded Iraq in 2003, when he was only seven years old. Starting at that moment, he was no longer a carefree young boy. His family worried about the destruction of their home, his aunt was shot and killed on her way to work, a terrorist group kidnapped his uncle, and his grandparents were threatened. He and his family eventually immigrated to Syria and were able to come to the United States in 2009.

Jerjees explains that while they had finally made it to the land of opportunity, it was a difficult transition. Communication barriers and cultural misconceptions made it especially hard for him as a middle school student. However, he tirelessly studied English and volunteered; his drive and determination led to a scholarship to Charlotte Catholic High School and then to Davidson College.

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