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Business Insider UK: App Monetizes Twitter’s Free Data

Madeline Parra
Madeline Parra '09.

Business Insider UK last week featured Madeline Parra '09, co-founder and CEO of Twizoo, a mobile app that helps users find bars and restaurants based on geographic proximity, price and customer reviews.

Parra and her colleagues created an intelligent layer and algorithms to make sense of the comments people tweet about restaurants and bars. The app then uses that information to recommend the best places to eat and drink in real time.

The beauty of Twizoo is it does not rely on users to generate the data it needs, reporter Jim Edwards said. Rather, it relies only on the fact that Twitter exists, and people tweet.

Parra and her colleagues launched a beta version of Twizoo in London in July, and plan to launch in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Washington D.C. next.

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