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Carol Quillen Discusses Need for Increase in College Accessibility

Carol QuillenFollowing President Barak Obama's State of the Union speech Tuesday, in which he focused on ways to better foster and support educational opportunity and college accessibility, Carol Quillen spoke with local news outlet about what is required for such a national shift, and where Davidson College fits into the conversation.

Quillen told reporter Lincoln Davidson that ensuring educational opportunities for all Americans would involve a "renegotiation of the social contract between the sector of higher ed and the nation," and went on to discuss Davidson College's place in that renegotiation as nationally the costs of private, higher education are increasing while more and more college-bound students are qualifying for financial aid.

Quillen was appointed to the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans in 2014 and now serves as chair of that council's Postsecondary Education Working Group.