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The News & Observer: UNC President Tom Ross ’72 on the Value of Higher Education

Tom Ross '72
Tom Ross '72

"America is losing her way with regard to higher education," UNC System President Tom Ross '72 told the National Public Affairs Forum last week. "We seem to have forgotten the real value of higher education–both to our economy and to our society."

In his remarks, adapted for a Raleigh News & Observer op-ed, Ross covers MOOCs, budget cuts, Frank Bruni, research applications, employment statistics, tuition increases, student debt, K-12 education, the teacher shortage and veterans benefits.

"And I haven't mentioned issues like intercollegiate athletics, replenishing our aging faculty, the declining length of service by university presidents and the resulting loss of momentum and disruption transitions can cause, and on and on," he said.

Read the full News & Observer op-ed.