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Charlotte Observer: Davidson College Has Gone to 'The Birds'

The Birds"Can you have an especially irreverent version of Greece's least reverent playwright?" wonders Charlotte Observer arts critic Lawrence Toppman in his blog "State of the Art."

"Yep," he answers. "It's like chocolate cake with even darker chocolate icing."

Creative minds of Davidson and beyond have teamed up to reimagine a two-millennium-and-a-half old Greek comedy, Aristophanes' The Birds, as a musical set in the present day United States. With a new translation by Professor of Classics Keyne Cheshire, artistic direction by Associate Professor of Theatre Mark Sutch and music composed by students Blake Steinberg '17, Brooke Brazer '16 and Cy Ferguson '16, Toppman urges readers to "Greece your wheels, and drive to Cloudcuckooland this week."

The Birds opens tonight and runs through Sunday; tickets available.

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