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News Forty Years Later, a Homecoming for Mom

Mike Sheridan's mom
Mike Sheridan ’79 recreates road trips he never took with his wife and mom.

Former Wildcat football player Mike Sheridan '79 published a "Personal Journey" road trip story in, with a twist. Most of the road trips in question were not his.

"August 1975: Driving south to North Carolina with my mom, my girlfriend (now my wife), and my baby brother. Destination: Davidson College and the start of football camp," Sheridan's tale begins.

His mom and wife-to-be took many a road trip to watch him play during the next four years.

"Fast-forward 40 years, and we were making the same August trip again, something I had thought about for years. I wanted to take my mom, now 82, back to Davidson to retrace our steps."

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