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Charlotte Observer: Why We Chanted What We Did at Trump Rally

Elizabeth WelliverElizabeth Welliver '16 was among a group of Davidson students who set out to share a message of love and acceptance at Monday's Donald Trump political rally in Concord, North Carolina. She recounts her experience in a piece written in collaboration with Davidson classmates Marlene Arellano '17, Amani Carter '16 and Hannah Lukow '18:

"As a Christian, I claim to live by Jesus' radical command to love our neighbors, even our enemies, as ourselves. As a Davidson College student, I live with "neighbors" who share backgrounds very different from my own. My best friend, Gabriel, loves Chinese and poetry. He also happens to be an undocumented immigrant who crossed the border when he was four years old. Fleeing the violence and deep poverty of southern Mexico, his family arrived to South Carolina to make a life. Gabriel (I've changed his name because he fears for his safety), now 20, is one of 11 million undocumented persons concerned about the upcoming presidential election. He was struck by the amount of Donald Trump signs in his hometown. How could his Christian neighbors stand for a political figure that threatens to deport him, tearing him from his life and future?...

"In a breathless moment, we joined hands and raised them above our heads, chanting the words that Jesus taught us: "love thy neighbor." For 30 seconds, my heart was racing - especially when Mr. Trump stopped speaking and turned his attention toward us. He commanded us to "get out.""

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