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New York Times: Steph Curry, the Prophet of Basketball

Steph Curry drives to the basketCarl Elliott '83 recounts Steph Curry's ascendance during the 2008 season and NCAA tournament, as witnessed from his temporary home New Zealand. Elliott, a professor at the Center for Bioethics at the University of Minnesota, went to great lengths to watch Curry in action. He writes:

"Davidson was founded by Presbyterians, and for many years, we liked our basketball the way we liked our sermons: defensive, careful, fundamentally unassailable and executed with a grim fatalism. Of course we worshiped the game, like every other soul who drew breath in North Carolina, but nobody ever said a worship service was supposed to be fun.

"That year, Curry had turned our dour service into a full-gospel tent revival. His twisting reverse layups, the divinely inspired crossover dribble, those long-range jump shots, which ascended to heaven and back: It was enough to make a Presbyterian speak in tongues. It didn't hurt that Curry's basketball fundamentals were as impeccable as his manners. Here was an almost bashful prodigy, dancing like Ali, shooting like Reggie Miller, whipping impossible half-court passes to a cutter you never even saw until he was laying the ball softly off the backboard. Can I get a witness?"

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