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Prof. Sally McMillen on Lucy Stone and Changes to $10 Bill

Sally McMillen
Prof. Sally McMillen

The national discussion on redesigning paper currency to honor American women who helped create history alongside men has left out one important figure.

"I think to tell the 19th century suffrage movement without having Lucy Stone there is bad history," Mary Reynolds Babcock Professor of History Sally McMillen told the Washington Post in an article, titled "The women's suffrage leaders missing from the redesigned $10 bill."

McMillen is author of Lucy Stone: An Unapologetic Life (Oxford University Press, 2015).

"Why have we forgotten Lucy Stone?" McMillen wrote in an op-ed in the Charlotte Observer on April 26. "For one, she was humble to a fault, never promoting herself, never writing about herself, refusing to let anyone write about her. To her, the movement was first, not the individuals running it."

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