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Charlotte Observer: Student Left-Overs Benefit Area Charities

Little Residence HallThe end of the school year has become a highly anticipated time for area charities. Students at Davidson and other area colleges are in a hurry to leave campus, and often find that accumulated furniture and dorm accessories won't fit in the car that got them there.

The situation is a boon for local charities, who are happy to accept the overflow. Commonly donated items include TVs, furniture, clothes, small appliances, bedding and even computers.

Beneficiaries include the Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries and Crisis Assistance Ministry. At Crisis Assistance Ministry, the benefit is direct, with the items going to a furniture bank and free store that supply goods at no charge to low-income people and families moving from homelessness into housing programs.

Goodwill officials said the period following college graduations is their second busiest of the year, following the final week of December when donors try to beat the Dec. 31 deadline for tax deductions.

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