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The Daily Record (UK): Caber-Tossing D.C. Grad Catches Highland Games Fever in Scotland

Brad Goldsmith '15 launches his CaberFormer Wildcats linebacker Brad Goldsmith '15 has put a Scottish accent on his athletic prowess. He's also put on a Scottish kilt, reports The Daily Record:

"Sixteen-stone Brad said: 'Three years ago I was studying in Cambridge at a summer school and came up with some friends to the Inverness Highland Games, just to watch.

"'But they said over the loudspeakers that if anyone wanted to participate they could register at the tent. I'd played American football back home, had done a good bit of weight training and thought it looked cool.

"'I tried to register but they said, 'You can't compete without a kilt.' So I ran down the street and bought a kilt.'"

Goldsmith has been back in Scotland for the past two years, competing on the games circuit and enjoying the adulation of Scotts who love the fact that the 224-pound, red-headed former Wildcat football lineman looks for all the world like one of their own.

He said, "I really appreciate it every time I'm mistaken for a Scotsman, but as soon as I open my mouth they figure it out pretty quick."

He admits he isn't placing among the top "heavies" at this point, but he's in it for the fun rather than prize money. His best events are the "weight over bar" and the caber toss. Goldsmith expects to be back in the United States soon to begin graduate studies.

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