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Charlotte Observer: Linda LeFauve Asks, For Whom Are We Seeking Justice?

Linda LeFauve
Linda LeFauve

In her op/ed for the Charlotte Observer, Linda LeFauve questions how anyone can fight for justice while in an "informational vacuum." Few facts and details have been shared with the public following the fatal police shooting of Keith Scott, an African-American man, last Tuesday in Charlotte, but local citizens have been protesting ever since, calling for justice.

Justice for whom? LeFauve asks. The shooting fanned flames of endemic racial tensions and distrust felt nationally and exacerbated with each new news story of an African-American person shot by police. LeFauve understands the protests are addressing a broader issue, and emphasizes the importance of clear judgment:

"A man is dead. Another is living with the consequences of having been the cause. Neither should be used as a placeholder for facts, a thorough investigation and reasoned judgment. We must live the values we espouse."

Read the op/ed.