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Australian Radio National: Prof. Chris Alexander on Recent Instability in Tunisia

Tunisia, the birthplace in winter 2011 of what would become known as the "Arab Spring," quickly became a potential model for the road to democracy. Just as quickly, journalists made their way to Chris Alexander as an expert. Alexander is McGee Director of the Dean Rusk International Studies Program, professor of political science, associate dean for international programs, and author of Tunisia: Stability and Reform in the Modern Maghreb.

As political unrest in Egypt continues making global headlines, so too in nearby Tunisia, Australian Radio National reports in a new interview with Alexander.

"I first talked with Australian Radio National's morning news program back in the winter of 2011, when Tunisia generated the first of the dramatic revolts that came to be known as the Arab Spring," says Alexander. "Over the next two years, developments in Egypt and Syria pushed Tunisia back out of the news. In recent weeks, however, the assassinations of two secular politicians and mounting protest against the government have called our attention back to Tunisia... It deserves that attention. If democracy can't succeed here, it will almost certainly face greater challenges elsewhere in the region."

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