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Washington Post: Pres. Quillen is Interviewed About Obama's Rating Plan for Colleges and Universities

The Washington Post interviewed college presidents from across the country, including Carol Quillen, about President Barack Obama's value rating plan for colleges and universities.

When asked if she supports or opposes the idea Pres. Quillen said, "Yes, if done thoughtfully. 'Return on investment' is a better term than 'value,' because it more accurately reflects how students think about college and it will encourage us to collect extensive longitudinal data about our graduates. Furthermore, schools have different missions. Davidson educates for lives of leadership and service, so we expect our graduates to have disproportionate impact in the world. To measure this, we will need to track our graduates for decades after they leave campus, a difficult task but one made feasible by new technologies."

Read the complete interviews.
(Note: Pres. Quillen's full interview is toward the bottom of the article.)

Read President Quillen's OpEd piece on this topic for the Huffington Post, "Opportunity and Accountability," posted on Friday, Aug. 30.

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