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Need a quick tip about how to do something in a software program?  With online resource students, faculty, and staff have access to the entire library consisting of a comprehensive collection of online instruction for major software applications and topics in digital media. The detailed video-based tutorials are broken down into easy-to-manage five to 15 minute segments allowing users to come back multiple times and pick up at the point at which they left off.

You will find beneficial for your professional and personal development as well as supplemental instruction for students using software applications in courses. For example, students new to Excel in Economics courses can get up to speed on their own without taking additional classroom time. Students wanting to dig deeper in multimedia applications used in Film and Media Studies and other academic areas will also find a rich set of resources.

We invite you to go to and browse the library of courses by subject, software, vendor, or author. You can log in using your Davidson email address and password.

If you have further questions about using in your courses, classes, professional and personal development, always feel free to contact Technology & Innovation through email at or by phone/text at 704-894-2900.