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JET Program (Japanese Exchange and Teaching) Information Session

As one of the largest international exchange programs in the world, the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program aims to enhance foreign language education in Japan and to promote international exchange at the local level through fostering ties between Japanese youth and foreign youth. JET Program participants work for one to five years in Japan as either Assistant Language Teachers (ALT), who are placed mainly in local boards of education or public junior and senior high schools to assist with English-language education, or as Coordinators for International Relations (CIR), who work in offices of local government authorities or related organizations engaged in internationalization activities. 2014 will be the 28th year of the JET program and to date over 57,000 people from 40 countries have participated in this program.’

Detailed job descriptions:

Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)
NO Japanese language ability required
Participants who are assigned to local boards of education or elementary, junior high and/or senior high schools work as Assistant Language Teachers under the guidance of Language Teachers' Consultants or Japanese Teachers of English, as specified by the supervision and/or principal of the Board of Education and/or school.

Plan to attend this overview and also sign up for an individual one-on-one information session in the Center For Career Dvelopement later in the day.

Their on-line application will be up in late September but you can go to their website to be notified when it is available and find out what you will need to do to apply so you can begin getting your documents prepared.  Deadline for application is typically mid November.

There is a long list of Davidson alums who have participated in this program dating back to the mid 90's.  Nathaniel Locke '13 and Leah Davis '12 are some of the more recent to teach in Japan with this program.

Alvarez 209 is the new space on atrium level between the Duke Family Performance Hall and the Center for Multicultural Affairs.


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