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Wilderness Ventures

Wilderness Ventures boasts 41 years of unparalleled success in providing life-changing summer adventures for teenagers. Nothing is more essential to this success than the enthusiasm, skills, dedication and overall superb quality of our leaders. Leading for Wilderness Ventures offers the incredible opportunity to experience a wide range of exciting locations, cultures, and remote wilderness areas, all the while providing a group of students with an unmatched opportunity for growth that they will remember for the rest of their lives. We seek individuals who are devoted to creating the most amazing, educational, and unforgettable summer adventures for our students. Above all, Wilderness Ventures leaders are positive, dynamic, and inspirational role models for each and every participant. If you meet our qualifications below, you are sure to have just as an incredible, life-changing summer as your students!
Our programs range from language school in Malaga, Spain, to fly fishing in the secluded backcountry of central Montana. Hence, we seek a summer staff whose individual talents and interests reflect our varied trip offerings.
Alvarez 209 is the new space on atrium level between the Duke Family Performance Hall and the Center for Multicultural Affairs.


Knobloch Campus Center Alvarez- Room 209

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Harvey, Brenda T