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FDIC Information Session

The FDIC has begun its 2013-2014 recruiting for both our Corporate Employee Program (a 3-4 year entry-level bank examiner training program) for seniors and our Financial Management Scholars (FMS) summer internship program for juniors.
Tom Peddicord ’68 and Robert Mayo (Class of 2011) will be on campus to talk about these opportunities.  John Morgan (Class of 2012), and Sam Hyman (Class of 2013) are all working for the FDIC now in the Corporate Employee Program, and Gabriella Catania (Class of 2014) received and accepted following her participation in our 2013 FMS summer internship program an offer to come to work with us after she graduates next year.
Here is a quick overview of our two programs/positions:
• Corporate Employee Program - Post-graduation employment opportunity for seniors.  3-4 year training program leading to a permanent position as a commissioned bank examiner or receivership management specialist. 120 positions to be filled this year at multiple locations throughout the U.S. (current posting targets 40 field locations).  The fall application deadline is November 22, 2013.
• Financial Management Scholars Program - Paid summer internship program for juniors.  Program participants will attend a one-week orientation session in Washington, DC, followed by a ten-week on-the-job training assignment at one of over 50 U.S. locations.  Participants will return to Washington, DC, for the program’s final week to share their experiences and complete a capstone project.  Summer employment in this program can lead to a post-graduation job offer.  The application deadline for the fall posting for this program is December 13, 2013 (based on input from Davidson and other schools, we are planning two postings, with the fall posting leading to earlier offers to students at schools where internships are generally locked in sooner).
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