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Event Cancelled "Conversations with Bill McKenzie '71" - Part of the Chidsey Living Leadership Series

The Chidsey Center and Center for Career Development are hosting alumni author Bill McKenzie '71 for "Conversations with Bill McKenzie '71" - Part of the Chidsey Living Leadership Series.

Bill McKenzie is a business owner, father and accomplished athlete, someone who has focused on what separates winning from mediocrity in both buisness and athletics. Every book store in America has racks of 'management' books for buisness people, but there is virtually no 'leadership' resource for students and young adults. Understanding the very real difference between 'managers' and 'leaders', Bill McKenzie has written a forward thinking leadership guide for students, narrowing down the dozens of desired leadership attributes to a critical list of only 10. With degrees from Davidson College and the University of North Carolina, with career experience in Fortune 500 companies and starting his own business, and with high risk 'hobbies' like high altitude mountain climbing and ironman triathlons, Bill McKenzie knows what it takes to excel, what separates successful people from the mediocre, and what skill sets students will have to master in order to experience a successfull and happy life in a world changing at warp speed.

This session will be informal and is open to all students.


Knobloch Campus Center Alvarez-David & Pam Sprinkle Room

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