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Math Coffee - Stephen Spiwak, Lowe's

Mining Opportunities in a Transformed Retail Sector
Steve Spiwak, Economist, Lowe’s Enterprise Analytics
The past decade has been one of unprecedented transition for retailing, as credit, housing and stock markets boomed and crashed. In its still-evolving aftermath, new long-term cycles are emerging as shifting demographic, technological and macroeconomic forces become more prevalent. As these trajectories continue to converge in the coming years, their impact on the retail business environment will intensify. In this context, the goal of this discussion is to:
  • Explore how Lowe’s is adapting to the trends that will shape its—and its competitors’—future
  • Look at new ways Lowe’s is leveraging diverse—and often messy—data sources and methods to uncover insights around customers, competitors, categories, and local markets
  • Discuss how we communicate analytics to the company


Chambers Classroom-3155

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