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Southern Teachers Information Session

Teaching is a challenge. A great teacher inspires, encourages, and motivates students to achieve beyond all expectations—in the classroom, and beyond. But not all schools give young teachers a real chance of succeeding in this challenge. The greatest chance for success is in schools with small classes of college-bound students, supportive colleagues and administrators, and the academic freedom of a curriculum not hyper-focused on standardized testing. Southern Teachers Agency can help you find a job in one of these schools. Since 1902, STA has helped candidates find positions in private and independent schools around the South. Each year, Southern Teachers Agency helps hundreds of candidates find jobs at outstanding private & independent schools throughout the South – nearly 600 schools in 16 States from Pennsylvania to Florida to Texas. Private schools certainly value candidates who have participated in a teacher certification program, but have the flexibility to hire teachers with a strong academic background who have not taken education courses. The hiring season for the 2014-15 academic year will begin very soon and we encourage students who are interested in teaching to apply to STA as soon as possible. Schools have already begun to list vacancies for the next school year! The STA online application can be found on our website:
This is open to all students who want to learn more about STA but those who have been selected to interview on Feb. 25th should consider this part of the interview process. The recruiter will be able to tell you about STA, placements, etc. and answer your questions so that during your interview time, they can allow the the entire interview time getting to know you as a candidate.


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