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Investment Banking and Private Wealth Management Internship Talk (Free Pizza!)

Seniors Will Discuss How They Secured Their Competitive Summer Internship and Full-time Analyst Positions: 

- John Watson ‘14, Private Wealth Management Analyst, Goldman Sachs

- Darden Callaway  ‘14, Investment Banking Analyst, RBC Capital Markets 

- Anna Ike ‘14, Investment Banking Analyst, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

- Chris Gorman ‘14, Investment Banking Analyst, Wells Fargo Securities


This is your chance to hear their advice on how to effectively network with Davidson alumni, how to get noticed by recruiters, and how to prepare for the very competitive banking interview process.  They will also share information on their summer internship experiences and what you can expect when you start your internship.  All your questions- from the most basic to the most complex - will be answered in an open and educational format.  



Brief bios – how they got to where they are now, where they interned last summer, what they will be doing after graduation


Detailed look at the types of challenges and opportunities in their past internships and future analyst roles. 

·      core questions and challenges

·      variation on a job – different areas of expertise within banking

·      skills used regularly

·      types of interactions that occur and with whom

·      technology or other tools necessary to understand/succeed in the role

·      other details that are relevant


Challenges for liberal arts students going in to banking

·      gaps in learning relative to other candidates if any

·      vocabulary and other job/field specific knowledge necessary

·      interview format specifics and how to prepare

·      sharing of resources to overcome (as best possible) any of the above challenges


Preparing for internship/job interviews in banking 

·      career steps that best candidates take

·      where are the jobs posted and how do you find them?

·     10 things you must have down pat before the interview

·      best preparation resources and tips (networking with alumni, Vault Guides, etc.)


Knobloch Campus Center Alvarez 313 - Arthur Vining Davis Room

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Lucas, Julie M