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YouthMAP Gala

The student-run Davidson College service organization, YouthMAP, will be holding their Spring Gala in the Belk Visual Arts Center Thursday, May 1, from 7-8:30 p.m. YouthMAP works with the youth of Barium Springs Foster Home and the Ada Jenkins Community Center, teaching photography and marketing skills to the participants over the course of a semester. Please join us Thursday, May 1 to meet all the Barium Springs and Ada Jenkins participants, view selected pieces of their work and discover how you can get involved next semester. YouthMAP is also committed to teaching the value of civic engagement to our participants. We have collaborated with local service groups such as Sow Much Good, Lazy 5 Ranch and Earth Kids.

For further information, visit YouthMAP Nation.


Visual Arts Center VAC-100 Atrium

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