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Chemistry Colloquium: Richard Zare

This year's Smith Lecturer, Professor Richard Zare of Stanford University, will present a Common Hour (11 a.m.-Noon) colloquium titled "Mass Spectrometry" in Martin's Lecture Hall. Alchemy gave way to chemistry as soon as scientists, starting with Lavoisier, were able to make accurate weight measurements. This ability immediately led to the concepts of stoichiometry and to valence, the combining power of the elements.  Imagine how chemistry might have been transformed if the most accurate method of making weight measurements, that of mass spectrometry, had been available so much earlier. This talk will discuss briefly the principles of mass spectrometry and illustrate its use in Zare's laboratory to help guide surgeons in removing tumors. 

Refreshments will be available before the talk at 10:45 a.m. in Martin lobby.


Martin Science Building Classroom-B25

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Filar, Kay H