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Faculty & Staff

One of the most vital resources of the Chemistry Department is its people.  Davidson is fortunate to have a group of dedicated and enthusiastic faculty and staff professionals working with bright and motivated students.

Ruth Beeston

Ruth Beeston
Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I teach courses in introductory and general chemistry, including a laboratory course on the chemistry of art and artifacts. My research focuses on the chemical analysis of pottery, soil, pigments, and other samples from archaeological contexts.

David Blauch

David Blauch
Ph.D. California Institute of Technology

My courses are in analytical, inorganic, and physical chemistry. My current research interests are in the oxidation of amineruthenium(II) complexes. This research examines the electrochemical properties of ruthenium(II) complexes containing primary and secondary amine ligands.

Felix Carroll

Felix Carroll
Ph.D. California Institute of Technology

I teach courses in organic chemistry. My research interests include organic photochemistry and photophysics, capture and storage of solar energy, computational chemistry, and correlation of physical properties of organic compounds with molecular structure.

Steven Franklin

Steven Franklin
Ph.D. State University of New York, Health Science Center

I teach CHE 261-Introductory Biochemistry, a new offering in the chemistry department for fall of 2013. I am a biochemist with a broad knowledge of biochemistry, molecular pharmacology, and neuroscience. 

Cindy Hauser

Cindy Hauser (Chair)
Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I teach courses in analytical, environmental, and green chemistry and in environmental studies. My current research involves the development of analytical methods to study issues relevant to atmospheric chemistry.

Jeffrey Myers

Jeffrey Myers
Ph.D. Texas A & M University

I teach courses in general and biological chemistry. My research interests are in biochemistry, protein folding and stability, protein conformation and human disease.

Erland Stevens

Erland Stevens
Ph.D. University of Michigan

I teach organic and medicinal chemistry. My research is in the areas of nitrogen heterocycles, medicinal chemistry, and bioorganic chemistry.

Durwin Striplin

Nicole Snyder
Ph.D. University of Connecticut

I teach introductory organic chemistry and immunology and immunopharmacology, and my research interests include the synthesis of biologically relevant carbohydrate-based constructs and carbohydrate-based catalysts.

Durwin Striplin

Durwin Striplin
Ph.D. Washington State University

I teach courses in analytical and physical chemistry. My research involves photophysical studies of bioinorganic light-harvesting peptides, optical spectroscopy, and relativistic effects in heavy metal, inorganic complexes.

Benjamin Wicker
Ph.D. Indiana University

I teach courses in general and inorganic chemistry. My research focus is in the field of synthetic organometallic chemistry, which combines elements of organic and inorganic chemistry.

Faculty Emeriti

David Brown
H. Alden Bryan
John Burnett
Ralph Gable
W. Rodger Nutt
Merlyn Schuh


Kay Filar Kay Hollyday Filar
Department Assistant
Martin 135
Lee Maiorano Lee Maiorano
Laboratory Manager
Martin B18
Sherrie Hooshmand
Chemistry Lab Inventory Manager
Martin 333
Chris van Rooyen Chris van Rooyen
Scientific Instrumentation Specialist
Watson B127