Campus Emergency Exercise Today - May 28, 2015

On Thursday, May 28, Davidson College will conduct a full-scale campus emergency exercise in conjunction with Davidson Police, Davidson Fire Department, Cornelius Fire Department, Mount Mourne Fire Department and Mooresville Fire Department.

The event will occur on the main campus area, and the college asks that the general public avoid the area as much as possible from 9 a.m. until noon. The event will include the presence of emergency vehicles, equipment and personnel.

The exercise is part of regular emergency preparedness activities the college performs every year.

Web alert 1 posted at 9:15 a.m. (sm) | Web alert 2 posted at 9:25 a.m. (sm) | Web alert 3 posted at 9:38 a.m. (sm) | Web alert 4 posted at 9:52 a.m. (sm)

Campus Emergency Exercise Today - May 28, 2015

Classics Courses

General Course Listings

Sub CRSE Title
CLA 111 The Ancient World
CLA 121 Greek Lit in Translation
CLA 122 Roman Lit in Translation
CLA 131 Intro to Classical Archaeology
CLA 141 Greek Art & Architecture
CLA 142 Roman Art & Architecture
CLA 213 Aristophanes and Athens
CLA 246 Ethics in Archaeology
CLA 247 Ancients & Their Environmts
CLA 248 Life in the Ancient City
CLA 250 Mythology and Rep of Divinity
CLA 252 Classics in the Cinema
CLA 254 Narratives of Ancient World
CLA 255 Hellenic Civilizations
CLA 399 Independent Study in Cla Civ
CLA 435 Alexander the Great
CLA 436 The Roman Revolution
CLA 437 Roman Imperialism
CLA 441 The Parthenon
CLA 442 Sem: The Falls of Rome
CLA 450 Cicero and His World
CLA 451 Troy and the Trojan War
CLA 452 Pompeii
CLA 453 Hellenistic Alexandria
CLA 499 Honors Thesis
GRE 101 Elementary Greek I
GRE 102 Elementary Greek II
GRE 201 Intermediate Greek
GRE 211 Greek Epic:Homer's Odyssey
GRE 213 Greek Lyric Poetry
GRE 214 Greek Tragedy
GRE 216 Greek Rhetoric
GRE 217 Hellenistic Novel
GRE 218 New Testament Greek
GRE 233 Greek Drama
GRE 244 Greek Historians
GRE 266 The Platonic Dialogue
GRE 311 Greek Epic
GRE 314 Greek Tragedy
GRE 318 New Testament Greek
GRE 333 Greek Drama
GRE 344 Greek Historians
GRE 366 The Platonic Dialogue
GRE 399 Independent Study in Greek
GRE 499 Honors Thesis
LAT 101 Elementary Latin I
LAT 102 Elementary Latin II
LAT 201 Intermediate Latin
LAT 211 Roman Epic
LAT 222 Roman Lyric & Elegy
LAT 223 Cicero
LAT 224 Vergil's Georgics
LAT 226 Latin Inscriptions
LAT 228 Seneca Tragedy
LAT 234 Latin Philosophical Poetry
LAT 238 Roman Satire
LAT 241 Civil Wars
LAT 244 Roman Historians: Tacitus
LAT 255 Latin Prose Composition
LAT 266 Phil Writing: The Summum Bonum
LAT 277 Christian Latin Writers
LAT 311 Roman Epic
LAT 322 Roman Lyric and Elegy
LAT 328 Seneca Tragedy
LAT 334 Latin Philosophical Poetry
LAT 338 Roman Satire
LAT 341 Civil Wars
LAT 344 Roman Historians: Tacitus
LAT 366 Phil Writing: The Summum Bonum
LAT 377 Christian Latin Writers
LAT 399 Independent Study in Latin
LAT 499 Honors Thesis
PHI 105 Ancient Philosophy
POL 202 Classical Political Theory
POL 401 Sem in Political Theory
REL 130 Intro to the New Testament
REL 224 The Psalms and the Self
REL 231 Letters and Thought of Paul
REL 242 The Rise of Christianity
REL 341 Religions of the Roman Empire
REL 345 Early Chrstn Texts & Contexts