Majors & Programs

What's The Difference?

Major - 10 or more courses offered toward a degree
Minor - a designated set of five or six courses, all offered through a home department
Interdisciplinary Minor  - a designated set of five or six courses that addresses a specific area of study; may cross several departments and different areas of study
Preprofessional Program - area of academic interest for students who intend to enter professional school after graduation, e.g., prelaw, premedicine

Academic Offerings
Interdisciplinary Minor
Africana Studies yes      
Anthropology yes yes    
Applied Mathematics     yes  
Arab Studies   yes    
Art yes yes    
Astrophysics   yes    
Biology yes      
Chemistry yes yes    
Chinese Language and Literature yes
Chinese Studies yes    
Classics yes      
Communication Studies     yes  
Computer Science yes yes    
Dance   yes    
Digital Studies     yes  
East Asian Studies yes   yes  
Economics yes yes    
Educational Studies   yes    
Engineering       yes
English yes      
Environmental Studies yes   yes  
Experimental Physics   yes    
Film & Media Studies     yes  
French & Francophone Studies yes yes    
Gender & Sexuality Studies yes yes    
Genomics     yes  
German Studies yes yes    
Global Literary Theory     yes  
Greek   yes    
Health and Human Values     yes  
Hispanic Studies yes yes    
History yes yes    
Interdisciplinary Studies yes      
International Studies     yes  
Latin   yes    
Latin American Studies yes   yes  
Mathematics yes yes    
Middle East Studies     yes  
Military Science (ROTC)       yes
Music yes yes    
Neuroscience     yes  
Philosophy yes yes    
Physical Education        
Physics yes yes    
Political Science yes      
Prelaw       yes
Premedicine       yes
Preministry       yes
Psychology yes      
Religious Studies yes yes    
Russian Studies   yes    
Self-Instructional Languages
Sociology yes      
South Asian Studies     yes  
Theatre yes yes