• The department intends for mathematics majors to acquire a broad and solid base in mathematics enabling both further study and application.

Mathematics & Computer Science

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Mathematics & Computer Science

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department offers a strong curriculum in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and computer science, in a friendly and supportive environment. We inspire you to appreciate, understand, and engage these disciplines.

The study of mathematics helps students develop rigorous mathematical and analytical ways of thinking that may be applied broadly by providing learning opportunities that instill fundamental concepts and explore the breadth of the field and its applications.

The study of computer science equips students with the ability to think algorithmically, to operate at different levels of abstraction, to solve computational problems, and to use rigorous mathematical thinking to analyze and justify design choices, via challenging coursework, mentoring and research opportunities.

We nurture mathematical and computational points of view in students embarking on a liberal education, desiring skills for other endeavors, and pursuing contemporary ideas in mathematics and computer science.

The heart of our endeavor is excellence in teaching and learning. To that end, we value individual work with all students, encourage the development of existing and new courses and seminars, and promote participation in mathematical activities at local, regional, and national levels.

Professional and community activity of faculty members is critical to support this mission, and we work to extend strengths in research, exposition, and professional leadership while maintaining a tradition of service to the college community and beyond.