Faculty & Staff

Mauro Botelho

Mauro Botelho
Ph.D. The University of Michigan

Theory. Specialties include music of the late baroque and classical periods, especially in the aspect of rhythm.

color head shot of Bill Lawing

Bill Lawing
D.M.A. The Cleveland Institute of Music

Jazz Ensemble Director. Specialties include trumpet performance, music production, jazz, and American Musical Theatre.

Neil Lerner

Neil Lerner
Ph.D. Duke University

Musicology. Specialties include: music, sound, and screen media; and music of the United States. 

Jennifer Stasack

Jennifer Stasack
D.M.A. University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music

Composition. Specialties include chamber, percussion, and choral composition, and world music.

Tara Villa Keith

Tara Villa Keith
D.M.A. University of South Carolina

Orchestra Director. Specialties include French music from the turn of the twentieth century, with particular focus on the orchestral repertoire of Maurice Ravel.

Greg Weinstein

Gregory E. Weinstein
Ph.D. University of Chicago

My areas of research and teaching interest include forms of creativity, music recording and mediation, notions of "art" and "popular" musics, performance identities, and the practice of constructing and writing argument.

Faculty Emeriti

Raymond Sprague, D.M.A. University of Colorado, Boulder
Choral Director Emeritus, with specialties in music history and women's choral literature.