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Psychology Major

The Psychology Department's curriculum development efforts align with the American Psychology Association's guidelines for undergraduate psychology programs. Bridging the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, psychology teaches you to think critically and enables you to gain a better understanding of yourself and others. The psychology department will equip you, whatever your profession or career, for a life of leadership and service.

As a psychology major, you learn a broad discipline incorporating the scientific approach with the study of human and animal behavior and the physiological and cognitive processes underlying behavior. You learn the application of psychological knowledge as a solution for addressing practical problems in diverse contexts ranging from the family to the clinic to various businesses.

Major Requirements

Psychology majors are required to take 10 courses including PSY 101 and 310, one seminar, and a capstone course (400, 401, or 402). Two courses must be methods courses: one must be PSY 301, 302, 303, or 304; and one must be 314, 315, 316, or 318.

Of the 10 courses, students must take at least one in each of the following areas. Courses marked with an asterisk are reserved for transfer credits.

  • Cognitive/Neuroscience courses: PSY 276, 282, 284, 295*, 296*, 301, 302, 303, 304, 324
  • Clinical/Developmental courses: PSY 230, 231, 234, 236, 241, 243, 245, 297*, 314, 315
  • Social/Industrial-Organizational courses:  PSY 232, 254, 260, 298*, 316, 318

The seminar requirement may not satisfy any area requirement. In addition, all seniors must satisfactorily complete an oral interview conducted by a psychologist who is not a member of the department. For a full breakdown of the psychology major requirements, please consult the College Catalog.

Learning Objectives

In accordance with our department mission, our goal is to provide psychology majors with thorough, accurate, and up-to-date knowledge of:

  • Principal subfields in psychology
  • Research methods and technology
  • Key philosophical and ethical issues
  • Laboratory experience and field research
  • Application through internships, practica, and field-related courses

Davidson psychology majors graduate fully prepared for post-graduate study in psychology or another discipline. You will be capable of contributing to the knowledge base of the discipline and be a better-informed consumer of psychological research, an effective manager of relationships, and an exemplar of good citizenship in your community.