• The Theatre Department steadfastly presents theatre that matters and continues to resound beyond the performance night.

  • Productions are often accompanied by symposiums and talk back discussions, which reflectively delve into the nuances of the scripted work.

  • One Act plays are produced by the Directing II students at the end of spring semester.


Theatre Department

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Theatre Major & Minor

Instruction in theatre is both theoretical and practical. It combines knowledge and skill. You are required to test theory in creative practice and to become proficient in devising solutions to complex problems.

The Theatre Department is committed to providing curricular and co-curricular programs of the highest quality, which develop in you those abilities requisite to theatrical performance. In addition, you will learn to effectively manage interpersonal relationships within the collaborative process. Thus, you are prepared for a wide variety of careers in organizations and enterprises that value leadership and service.

Major Requirements

To graduate as a theatre major you must complete ten courses including:

  • 201 (or another pre-approved course in play crafting), 245, 335, 355, 371
  • Two of the following: 242, 250, 261, 285
  • One of the following: 345, 362, 435, 436, 445, 455
  • Two additional courses at the 300 level or above, at least one of which must be in contemporary performance theory/practice. 

Students are also required to complete backstage work on at least two department productions for a minimum of 50 hours per show in a capacity other than actor, director, or designer. At least one instance of backstage work must be in stage management.

Minor Requirements

We also offer a minor in theatre which requires six courses, consisting of: 

  • Theatre 371
  • One course from Theatre 201, 245, 335, 355
  • One course from Theatre 250, 261 (English 261), 285 or another course in dramatic literature
  • Three additional courses at the 300 level or above
  • Working on one department production other than as an actor or director for 30 hours

Additional information about the theatre major and minor is available in the College Catalog.