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  • Dancers rehearsing for an upcoming performance

    Students from the class Dance Repertory: Composing, Crafting, and Collaboration, rehearse for their newly created performance.


Through the auspices of various dance programs on campus, Davidson College students showcase their choreographic interests and share their enthusiasm for dance. Students in the Dance Department are encouraged to explore the possibilities of dancemaking, while collaborating with faculty and fellow students, with various opportunities to present their work. These performances allow students to express themselves through movement, explore choreography as a research practice, and experiment with dance forms.

Additional opportunities to present choreography and to perform are available through the various extracurricular student groups on campus.

Key: TTH = Tyler-Tallman Hall, Sloan Music Center; DFPH = Duke Family Performance Hall

Past Events 2017-18

It Comes Up From Below

Students from the class, Dance Repertory: Composing, Crafting, & Collaboration, premiered their newly created performance, ‘it comes up from below.' Reflecting on the campus-wide investigation of ‘Revolution,' the students shared their physical research with the Davidson community.

Dance Ensemble

Dance Ensemble showcases active creativity through student choreography and performed dances. There are a range of different styles, from hip hop to step to salsa. Everyone is welcome, and it is a fun and high energy event!